Extending into the background: why I paint the way I paint

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I’m often asked what style/genre my paintings are. And I guess technically they would fall under the umbrella of Expressionism, but here is a little further explanation of why I paint the way I do from a recent interview:

“I use very geometrically, individualized brushstrokes that create an almost fractal look. I started to experiment with this style in college. I was teaching yoga while attending art school & was very interested in how energy expresses itself in physical form.

I remember watching a documentary on quantum physics and was so fascinated by the idea that when energy is broken down to the most minute, nanoparticle level, we are pretty much inseparable from our environments.

Now it probably goes without saying that I am a painter and most definitely NOT a physicist, so I may be messing up (& for sure omitting) some of the details. But the general idea was astounding to me.

I began to experiment with leaving sections of the background showing through the figure, and parts of the figure extending into the background to represent the idea that we are a part of every place we've been, every thing we've experienced. And conversely, that a part of us remains.”

Photo By Julia Duke

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