Julia Duke Photography 

Julia Duke Photography 


Protecting the Sacred: Interview with Rogue Habits

Inspired by a deep frustration with the sweeping changes in environmental and human rights policies after the 2016 political election, Dunn transformed her heartache into hope by creating visually stunning pieces designed to raise awareness and money for causes close to her heart.

“the complexity and beauty of the feminine, some pieces showcase the integration and disintegration of identity within the contexts of relationship, gender, and culture.” The Resistance and Conservation works are an extension of Dunn’s continuing exploration of our cultural landscape – recognizing that, “our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”

Nurturing Your Creative Voice: Interview with Modern Folk Podcast

Artist Sheila Dunn shares her story of becoming a full time artist; including how family, educators and community supported her along the way. Sheila also describes mentoring young artists and using her art as a tool for conservation and activism.

Jason Bagby Photography 

Jason Bagby Photography 



On Finding a Path: A Feature, She Explores

After several years of wandering around the globe, Sheila Dunn was about to embark on the most difficult, albeit rewarding journey there was – into the interior landscape of herself.

"Ten years ago, I chose to walk away from a well-worn, secure path and entered the forest of my future at a dark, directionless point. Looking back on it now, I wonder if the more accurate way of explaining this is that a certain pathless path chose me..."

Creating Amidst the Chaos: A Feature, Luminary 

We are featuring the soulful musings of artist Sheila Dunn and her perspective on the value and necessity of creating art amidst the uncertainty of life. We are so grateful for her powerful invitation to keep creating, now more than ever, as we were all born to do. We hope you enjoy this luminary woman’s inspiring words as much as we do.  

"Creativity continually urges us to welcome the raw energy of the moment – the good, the bad, the ugly – into our psyches, our hearts, our spirits. It encourages us to lean into experience not only when it feels inviting, but also when it feels flat-out terrifying; those moments when it feels exceedingly tempting to run like hell in the other direction, to ignore, to numb."

Resistance & Conservation Series: A Feature, She Explores

All of Sheila’s work explores the fluid relationship between figure and environment: how each continuously informs and affects the other. These paintings specifically explore our ties to the past, and the significant natural places and historical political figures who paved the way for the present

"My Resistance & Conservation Series features people & places that make this country great: individuals who have shaped our cultural landscape through their steadfast resistance of oppression in its many forms and public lands & wilderness that form the spectacular fabric of our nation."

Talia Jean Photography

Talia Jean Photography


Fractal Color Paintings Explore the Dualities of the Human Experience: Feature on My Modern Met

For Sheila Dunn, the urge to explore both the external and internal world is realized through the act of painting. Driven by a deep urge to create, Dunn makes use of this artistic platform to pursue a fascination with the continuous dualities of the human experience. Her resulting moody oil paintings speak to this, delving into the contrast between literal and metaphorical combinations of light and dark in a series of feminine portrayals.

Art By Sheila Dunn: Feature on Cross Connect Magazine

Sheila’s work explores the fluid relationship between figure and environment: how each continuously informs and affects the other. At the heart of this exploration lies the notion that we both form – and are formed by - all we have seen and experienced.

The Strokes: Sheila Dunn's Art Electrifies, Article in The Source

Sheila Dunn's work offers a compelling complexity with color and textures that capture her figures in a way that a photograph never could. She finds a sacred power in the feminine and haunting vulnerability in the masculine with a stunningly gritty geometry to her brushstrokes.

"My process for selecting a new body of work isn't very formulaic or linear and tends to vary from painting to painting," says Dunn. "More often than not, it is a reflection of my interior experience at that time, an exploration of where I am in my relationship with myself or others. Yet other times it can be as simple as wanting to try out a new color palette or vantage point with which to represent the human form."

Making a Life Out of Art, Bend Magazine

The former yoga instructor from Colorado lives and paints in an apartment off a busy Bend residential street. She offers tea and then leads the way up a narrow staircase to her studio. The room is small but the painting in progress is large—six feet by five feet—and occupies the majority of the wall. It’s hard to imagine her getting the canvas up the stairs.

Meet Sheila Dunn: Artist, Yogi, Decaf Coffee Drinker, MUSE Magazine

What makes you leap out of bed? A piping hot cup of (decaf) coffee from Lone Pine. Turns out the leaded stuff makes me a bit crazy – just ask my family or friends about Coffee Sheila. What did you dream about when you were 8? Building questionably stable flotation vessels to voyage down the creek behind my childhood home in Colorado. What do you dream about now? Building a slightly more stable vessel of purpose, creativity and love while retaining the childhood ability to trust that, eventually, the water always leads me where I need to be. What matters most to you? My tribe, my community, my creative work. What is your most marked characteristic? It’s a close tie between spontaneous and sensitive.

Nate Wyeth Photography

Nate Wyeth Photography


Sheila Dunn is the New Featured Artist for The Pillars of Art Program: Interview with Visit Bend

What do you like best about living in Bend, and how does it influence your artistic style?I love the synthesis of community and wilderness that exists in Bend. As an artist, I crave the connection of being surrounded by other creatives and the comfort found in community. Yet I equally crave the wide open spaces, the time spent in dialogue with the landscape of this deeply beautiful place. The balance of the two is quite extraordinary here, something I hope to never take for granted.