January 2016 Newsletter

Hello friends - I hope 2016 is treating everyone well!

I was recently interviewed by Muse Magazine, a new publication created by World Muse.

This organization is doing incredible things to empower girls and women across the globe and it was an honor to have founder Amanda Stuermer ask me about my creative process, my mindfulness practice (or lack thereof at times) and a few soul-stirring questions that I am still reflecting on - and likely will be for the remainder of my lifetime.

Heartfelt thanks for the continued support and interest in my work,




What makes you leap out of bed? A piping hot cup of (decaf) coffee from Lone Pine. Turns out the leaded stuff makes me a bit crazy – just ask my family or friends about Coffee Sheila.

What did you dream about when you were 8? Building questionably stable flotation vessels to voyage down the creek behind my childhood home in Colorado.

What do you dream about now? Building a slightly more stable vessel of purpose, creativity and love while retaining the childhood ability to trust that, eventually, the water always leads me where I need to be.

What matters most to you? My tribe, my community, my creative work.

What is your most marked characteristic? It’s a close tie between spontaneous and sensitive.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? My perseverance to keep painting throughout the years despite various fears and doubts. Luckily my deep-grained desire/need to create has ultimately been louder than any self­ limiting beliefs. The prevailing power of The Muse!

What do you want to be remembered for? Professionally, I’d love to be remembered for helping give a visual voice to the power, complexity and sacredness of the feminine. Beyond that, I’d simply like to be remembered as being a good daughter, sister, friend, and hopefully one day wife and mother.

What is your motto? A few years back, my parents gave me a birthday card with the quote, “Ever notice that ‘What the hell’ is always the right decision?” On the inside my mom wrote, “This is SO you.” So I suppose ‘What the hell’ has unconsciously been my motto throughout the years. And as it turns out it is not always the right decision! Ha! But it sure has made for one adventurous, interesting ride.


What job/project/goal are you working on now? I’m in the middle of creating a new figure painting series of female subjects and self-portraits.

What is your “why” behind it? This current series is a bit darker/moodier than some of my previous work. There is a lot of darkness in our world right now. It can feel pretty damn heavy and hard to reconcile. Because I can’t change this on a global scale, I’ve instead been moved to explore the dark and light that exist within me; to hold space and curiosity for both. And I’ve found that by examining those darker aspects of being human through paint on canvas, I can often transmute them to some degree. That through this acknowledgment (dare I say acceptance) of the dark I can, in some roundabout way, add to the light.

What should people know about your work? It is the result of...read the rest of the interview



SydneySydney Commissioned by Sparrow Bakery Oil on canvas 30 x 40 inches


The Letting Go by Sheila Dunn

The Letting Go Oil on canvas 60 x 72 inches $3500