May 2015 Newsletter

Juniper-Tree-drawing-by-Sheila-Dunn Several weeks ago, my friend Jenny hosted a ladies' Art & Wine night. I drew this Juniper Tree to send to my grandma. I wanted to show her a little piece of where I live and tell her how much I love these trees (even though they make me sneeze a lot). And how much I love the high desert that is their home (and mine too for now). And mostly to tell her just how much I love her. has been sitting on my end table for weeks now because I always seem to be rushing around from task to task: painting, working, cooking, running, yoga-ing, go, go, going.

But today as I hurried in the door from work and headed immediately up the stairs to my studio for an evening of painting, I had a realization: none of this means a damn thing if I can't slow down enough to show the people I love how much I cherish them.

To tell a woman who I carry in my bones and blood and heart and spirit everyday that I think of her far more than I call or write.

Creating may be my life's calling, but expressing this love should be my true life's work.

And so I stopped, took out a pen, and focused on the most important task of all.