April 2014 Newsletter

Friends - Last month my living room was taken over by an 8 foot woman named Klondike Kate!

Well, an 8 foot painting if we are being technical...

I was asked to create a mural for Visit Bend as part of their Tin Pan Alley Art Collection and now Kate is hanging in her new home downtown. A big "HOORAY" to Bend, Oregon for supporting art in public spaces!!

Check out some photos of the installation below, as well as a plaque that describes my inspiration for the painting of Klondike Kate.

I'm also excited to share my newest original painting, "The Interim" below as well as a recent commission.

Happy Spring to each of you! Sheila

Klondike Kate mural

Klondike Kate mural by Sheila Dunn

Klondike Kate mural in alley


About the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection:
Fresh air is good for all of us, right? We figure the same holds true for art. Admit it, this painting looks more lively dappled in sunlight or shimmering with snowflakes.This is a piece from the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection. It's part of Bend's innovative public art initiative blending support for local arts & culture with the splendor of Bend's outdoor lifestyle.
About this piece:
Kathleen Eloisa Rockwell - nicknamed “Klondike Kate” – is one of the most interesting, iconic women in Central Oregon history. A celebrated dancer and Vaudeville star during the Yukon gold rush, Kate eventually made her way to Central Oregon to homestead. During a time period when women were fighting for the right to even vote, Klondike Kate became a symbol of female independence. She is still remembered fondly in Bend for her adventurous, humanitarian spirit.
About this artist:
Sheila Dunn is a graduate of Colorado State University and best known for her vibrant, large-scale figure work. In 2010, she moved to Bend on a whim and continues to paint amid kayaks, bikes, climbing gear (and the occasional chicken) in her friends' garage. Her paintings can be found in homes and businesses throughout the country and internationally. 
Recent Work

"The Interim", oil on canvas, 36"x48", $1200

Velvet opening, March 2014

Recent Commission


"Sadie Mae", oil on canvas, 18"x24"

What's Been Playing in My Studio

Junip, "Junip"

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