February 2013 Newsletter

Greetings from Bend Oregon! I am super excited to be part of the MUSE Women's Conference next month. I will be one of the featured artists in the MUSE First Friday Art Walk on March 1st. My work will be displayed at the Kariella boutique in downtown Bend. Stop by and say hello if you're in the area.

See below for more info on this upcoming show as well as my most recent paintings and a time lapse video that captures the first hour of my painting process.

With love, Sheila


Muse Women’s Conference

Muse Women’s Conference will bring together local women & teens along with internationally recognized activists to celebrate International Women’s Day and kick-off Women’s History Month. Our inaugural event is scheduled for March 1st-3rd in Bend, Oregon.

Mission: Empower and inspire women and girls, to show them the enormous potential they hold for change.

03.01 MUSE First Friday Art Walk A community-wide celebration of Art inspired for, by, and about women and women’s issues. Opening night at THE MUSE ROOM our downtown hub for all things MUSE.

http://www.museconference.org/ Detail from "Spanning the Distance" by Sheila Dunn

Take a peek at my painting process....

My friend Cota has always mentioned that I should make a time lapse video of one of my paintings. Having no film editing experience, and a very old macbook, it made for an interesting, laborious process to say the least!

Click on the below video to see the first hour of over thirty hours of my painting process, compressed into a 4 minute clip: PaintinPainting Time Lapse by Sheila Dunn

Initially, I was a bit hesitant to expose all of my idiosyncratic painting behaviors to the world, including but not limited to frequent head-tilting, eye squinting and dancing. But then I decided that one of the fundamental aspects of making art - in any form - is self-disclosure. So welcome to my weird world of creating, friends! Find the extra toe... Six Toes by Sheila Dunn I recently posted this painting to my website and Facebook art page. I had spent over thirty hours working on this piece and probably over five hours staring at the right foot alone. Which is why I was shocked when my friend posted the comment, "Extra toe??" Ha! I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed that I painted six toes. I guess the mind not only remembers what it wants to, but also sees what it wants to.

Recent Work Spanning the Distance by Sheila Dunn

Untitled by Sheila Dunn